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Fresh Start is a leading company in the recycling, importing, exporting, and trading of second-hand clothing, shoes, bags, and stock lot items. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have become one of the largest suppliers, wholesalers, and exporters of used clothing and shoes, as well as authentic branded stock lots of major global brands.

Our vision is to be the preferred channel partner for suppliers, distributors, and resellers in the second-hand and stock lot market by consistently exceeding expectations. We strive to fulfil channel needs and bring true value to our partners and consumers through timely availability of products, excellent customer service, and a desire to perform beyond that of others through a highly motivated, passionate, and professional team.

At Fresh Start, we operate with a set of core values that guide us in our daily operations. Passion and integrity are at the heart of what we do. Our partner’s success is our passion, and we do it with high integrity. We value partnership and ensure our partners thrive and become the best in their markets. We believe in respect and trust, both for our colleagues and partners. We have the best expertise in the industry to serve our channel, and we work with one team, one voice, and one objective to satisfy our customers and vendors. We are committed to excellence and quality service in every aspect of our business.

With our 22,000 square meter warehouse in Hamriyah Free Zone in UAE and over 9,000 square meters in the US, we sell over 14,000 tons of mixed items every year. We also take pride in our contribution to environmental sustainability through our rethink and reuse business model of purchasing, reselling, and recycling. Our business model has kept more than 18 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year.

At Fresh Start, we are not just a business; we are a team committed to making a difference in our industry and in the world.

Our Vision

Fresh Start aims to revolutionize the fashion industry as the top choice for second-hand and stock lot partners. We exceed expectations through exceptional service, sustainable fashion, and environmental responsibility. With a passionate team, we build strong partnerships based on integrity and trust, empowering partners to thrive. Through our innovative model, we reduce waste and set new industry standards. Fresh Start inspires sustainable fashion, responsible consumption, and a brighter future.

Our Mission

To fulfil channel needs and bring true value to suppliers, partners and consumers in the second hand and stock lot market through timely availability of products , excellent customer service and a desire to perform beyond that of others through highly motivated passionate and professional team.

Our core values

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